Tulsa Beauty, Glamour, Boudoir and Maternity

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she already is"


And that is exactly what we want for YOU here at Niki Counce Photography, Tulsa, OK; to feel like a gorgeous goddess for a day and to truly see the beautiful woman that you are!  As women, wives, mothers  or grandmothers, we all tend to put our families first when it comes to photographs. We push our children in front of the camera or hide behind others in family pictures. We don't like to spend any money on ourselves when we have children with needs. We forget about us sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our daily lives and serving our families' needs that we can let our own needs fall through the cracks! Let me tell you ladies out there, you deserve a day of pampering, hair and makeup, styling, doing nothing but looking beautiful in front of the camera.  Beauty Glamour photography is one of our most favorite shoots at Niki Counce Photography.

What to Expect

As always we will have e pre-consultation with you to discover exactly what you hope to see at the end of the experience, to find out your personal style and maybe even come to your home and see what little jewels you have hidden away in your wardrobe!  We will chat about hair and makeup, jewelry and clothing.  On the day, our hair and makeup expert will be with us throughout the session for any touch-ups and to assist with your styling. Snacks, liquid refreshments and music will be on hand to help your relax! We usually have about 4-5 outfit changes, from simple relaxed clothing to personal branding business-casual to full evening glam. We do love our sparkles and sequins!

Why do this?

You may be wondering why on earth would I want to do this? One word answer LEGACY. Imagine your children and your grandchildren and generations to come looking through your beautiful images. Do you have old photographs of your parents, grandparents or great grandparents? How special are they to you? These will bring so much joy to your family. Not to mention, when you are feeling down some day, you can take out your box of images and remember the fun you had being treated like a movie star and how truly beautiful you are! We ALL deserve this. And yes, I did it too and Im so very glad I did.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous, we can also incorporate some boudoir images for just you or your special someone! These can be as modest or risqué as you like, boudoir does not have to be full nudity. A favorite of ours is the white sheet set - nothing sexier. Or we can go more towards the film noir set, dark and moody, but incredibly sensual. Really whatever you feel comfortable with.

Sherell looking amazing Jen looks devine in a white sheet


Expectant mothers are so incredibly beautiful in our opinion. At Niki Counce Photography we offer both outdoor and indoor maternity sessions, and maternity boudoir sessions. Your partner will love these tasteful, elegant, sensual images of you at your most beautiful. 


During your maternity session, we will focus on the mother-to-be initially and then we will bring your husband and children in for some shots if desired, to complete your session with the whole family.

All Beauty Sessions offer you a set of matted 7x10 images in an 11x14 folio box, either 6, 10 or 20 images that will be safe and preserved for years to come! You will also get a set of 5x7 prints to share plus a digital image of each image you purchased.

If you are ready to invest in YOU and have an unforgettable day please email us at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com or call (918) 313-5683. I promise you won't regret a moment of your experience!