Headshot Photography Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, OK


If you are looking for Headshot Photography in Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, OK plus many other towns in Oklahoma, then look no further! 


The answer is simple. Everyone! No matter what business you are in, whether a realtor or an actor, you NEED a professional headshot or a personal branding image. These days, almost everyone has more than one job, and everyone is on social media of some sort promoting themselves or their businesses!  So, a professional photograph is a must! Some occupations require a more serious traditional headshot and others lend themselves to something a little more relaxed but still punchy and hip, that shows your personality. Even if it's just for your Facebook profile pic, it's times for something other than a selfie! Pageant headshots are also very popular these days and we can meet your needs in this area also whether you are 3 or 33 or any age in-between! We can also facilitate a hair and makeup professional for this very unique styling.

Kendall Business Headshot Michael, Business Realtor Headshot Personal Branding Headshot Bo, Business Headshot

These are all pretty traditional headshots for the clients' business cards or social media business pages! Head and shoulders mainly but we can pull out a little through hip level. It really depends on the business and the company as to the requirements. These were taken against a mid grey solid background which works for most colors.


We will usually suggest you bringing a few different outfits, comprising a business style jacket and shirt for men, with or without a tie, depending on the company requirements. Perhaps two different colored shirts to give you some choices. For the ladies, a smart business casual jacket looks sharp with a pretty blouse underneath. Jewelry is a matter of personal taste but I love jazzing up the headshots portraits with a fun necklace or earrings. Make sure to bring matching pants or skirts, in case we pull back for a more 3/4 length shot. As always, hair and makeup must look great and we can help with this if needed. At Niki Counce Photography, we work with several excellent hair and make-up artists.  It is preferable to keep your clothing to solid colors with no crazy bold prints or stripes. We want YOUR clients to see your face, not your clothing!


Personal Branding is another term for a business headshot but in my view can be a little more relaxed in feel, perhaps with more contemporary clothing and accessories and would be a perfect description for images of an interior designer, an artist or musician, a photographer, a writer or a direct sales representative and the list goes on. Just a bit more fun in style and I love shooting these. 



We can also shoot your personal branding headshot outdoors! It doesn't have to be in-studio. The studio is great for a more corporate style headshot, but we can take it downtown or to a park!  Below are three beautiful women, who are all in business for themselves and these shots were taken right outside the studio!


Our headshot sessions at Niki Counce Photography are very affordable at only $250, and you will receive up to 4 digital images for use in your business. The average session time is under one hour, even with several outfit changes. The images will be sized for use on business cards, social media profile pics, Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram and other approved marketing material.  If you need an enlargement printed, we are happy to order any size for you.  

If you're ready to update you business headshot or if it was taken over 5 years ago, then it's time!  No matter what your business is, we can offer you exactly what you need.

Niki Counce Photography serves the greater Tulsa area of Oklahoma, which includes, Sand Springs, Mannford, Cleveland, Sapulpa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow and even further afield!  We are happy to travel to you or meet you at a location of your choosing.

Please give us a call at (918) 313-5683 or email at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com to take your headshot photo to the next level!