Tyler Senior Pictures 2018

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Tyler - Senior Pictures Downtown Tulsa, OK


A few weeks ago we got together with Tyler, a Charles Page High School Senior and his mom Rita. Tyler was my last Senior for the graduating class of 2018. Its amazing how quickly each school year passes.  Tyler, like most of my Seniors, was super chill and even tho it was an extremely windy day and we had to hold onto my light stand and blowing hair, he went with the flow (excuse the pun)!  Tyler is very fond and proud of his car, having put many hours and money into making it look super sporty, so naturally we had to include it into his shoot!

After a slight technical difficulty with my light triggers, we found this roof top downtown to park on without too much traffic and got some interesting structures in the background.

I love Tyler's serious face and this little smirk too!  You can tell he is incredibly proud of his car. Boys and their toys - right? Onto next outfit change.

We have some interesting buildings in downtown Tulsa, OK. This was a very retro location that I love!

Check out that great smile!

Next onto one of my favorite churches downtown Tulsa and another change of outfit!

Definitely my favorite outfit of Tylers! Always love suspenders and a bow tie and Tyler wore it like a GQ model!

Next stop Gilcrease Hills - another favorite location to shoot and time to incorporate a school letter jacket!

We actually started our day at our local Starbucks here in Sand Springs, OK. Tyler has worked at this location for a few years so we had to take a few shots of him enjoying a coffee! Minus his Starbuck apron of course.

I want to wish this young man, all the success in the future that he deserves. I know he will go far.


Its now time for 2019 Seniors to start thinking about their Senior Photo session. We are booking for the summer now so give Niki Counce Photography a call at 918-313-5683 to schedule your special day!  If you book and pay the session fee before the end of May, 2018 you will get a 20% discount of any package you choose!  Pass the word!



Tulsa Engagement Photography

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Angie and Tommy are getting married and I couldn't be more thrilled for them! Tulsa Engagement Photography is another favorite of mine. Two people have just decided to spend the rest of their lives together and the love in the air is tangible! Sometimes my couples have to be separated, but thats okay, I want them close together throughout their engagement session! Angie and Tommy were no different. I have known Angie for as long as I've lived in Oklahoma and her son and mine have been best friends since they were 3 years old, so needless to say, when she asked me to take some engagement photos to celebrate her upcoming wedding, I was in, plus I wanted to meet the man that had won her heart and to make sure he met with my approval! Ha Ha. And just so you know, he did!

I said Yes!Engagement pictures

She said YES!Engagement photos

I just loved Angie's ring - very unusual with a beautiful heart shaped ruby and they dressed to match the ring! How cool is that? With all the rain we had been having we scheduled to meet at the studio for some indoor photos, but it cleared up and we were able to step outside for a few too!

This was a mini engagement portrait shoot so they just had one outfit, but usually I will suggest a few changes to couples, from super casual jeans, to suits and cocktail attire, whatever rocks your boat, plus if you have any particular hobbies that you share or activities you enjoy, we can incorporate those too!

Engagement portraitsAngie and Tommy are getting married! Engagement Pictures

I am a huge fan of black and white photography, there's just something so timeless about it. Here are two examples of variations in black and white. The one of the left has brown tones and shot using studio lighting; the image on the right is shot using only window light which gives a much softer look. Everyone has their favorite look, so I always change up my light settings and locations for the biggest variety for my clients. I must say, I usually don't care for baseball hats in photos, but Tommy rocked his so I allowed one or two shots! These two love-birds had such a great chemistry together, so my job capturing them was super easy!

Engagement photoAngie and Tommy

Angie asked me to be her Maid of Honor which just floored me! I certainly don't deserve that honor. How am I going to be her Maid of Honor and take her wedding photos? Now that might be a challenge! I'd much rather be behind the camera than in front of it, so I may have to drag along another photographer to help out with a few shots!  I am so extremely happy for her, Tommy seems a terrific guy and he is so lucky to have Angie in his life! 

Love is.....Engagement photos. Angie and Tommy

Yes, they did this a lot!

If you just got engaged or are planning to, please give Niki Counce Photography at call at 918-313-5683 or email us at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com for a consultation.  We have individual engagement sessions or as part of a wedding package too!


Tulsa, OK newborn pictures

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Tulsa, OK Newborn Pictures


As promised, this blog features Candice and Joseph's latest precious addition to their family!  They have been coming to me for many years and for their Tulsa, OK Newborn Pictures since the birth of their first born, Madelynn, and it's such a joy to watch their babies grown up and continue to be their Tulsa Photographer of choice!

As you can see Miss Katelynn was initially wide awake, so we opted to begin our session with the family grouping! You will also notice that Joseph was sporting some facial hair for this shoot, which needless to say disappeared the next day! We decided on soft pastel colors again, pairing the neutrals with mint green and a bone colored background. I think it worked well. You wouldn't know that Candice was absolutely exhausted with no sleep and a newborn!

I recommend scheduling your Tulsa, Newborn Pictures anywhere from 5-10 days after birth. That's the period when your baby will sleep the deepest and therefore be more cooperative. Katelynn was just a bit older than this, but Candice eventually got her to sleep after a feed and some soothing.

Change of tee for Joseph and Katelynn's wrap and took a few more. Next it's time for the siblings! I love this simple overhead shot of Madelynn lying down and then we positioned baby Katelynn in her arm - nothing sweeter than sibling kisses! And yes, Katelynn is still awake!

Success! Candice got Katelynn to sleep and with the amazing assistance of my fellow photographer, Amber Clark whose wrapping skills are the bomb, we were were able capture some sleeping poses! As Katelynn was not 100% asleep, we didn't over do the outfit changes and were lucky to get as much as we did before she woke up and was seriously over the whole experience!


Got to love the faces sleeping angels can make! I think she was telling us, her time was up and to quit rearranging her body parts!

Full disclosure, I do not shoot a lot of Newborn Pictures, unless the family is an existing client of mine. This is one of the hardest photography jobs in my opinion and I have much respect for all newborn photographers out there! I want to acknowledge Amber Clark Photography for the use of her studio, props and outfits during this session. She has the patience of a saint with the little ones and is a dear friend.

For more information about your Tulsa Newborn Pictures or questions, please contact Niki Counce Photography at 918-313-5683 or email at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com





Tulsa Maternity Pictures

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 Tulsa Maternity Pictures

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy and are looking for Tulsa Maternity Pictures, look no further! There is nothing more radiant and  breathtaking than an expectant mother, and this particular mom-to-be and long time client is one of my favorite people to photograph, expecting or not!  I have been photographing Candice and Joseph since we did their engagement pictures, then their wedding pictures and their first maternity pictures with the adorable Madelynn. Now 4 years later, I got to photograph them all in the studio prior to the arrival of Miss Katelynn!  Joseph is in the Air Force, Candice is a Real Estate Broker and a full-time mom, now to two little girls, plus she hits the gym, creates amazing healthy meals and donates time to different charitable causes. She is one in a million and I'm proud to call her my friend! 


I usually start off the Maternity Pictures session with mom-to-be solo! As with every beauty glamor or maternity session, we like to get the hair and makeup just right and in Candice's case, not a tough job! She is a gorgeous woman with amazing hair who still looks stunning when she's expecting! Who says you can't look fabulous with a baby bump? As you can see, she rocked this elegant, burgundy maternity gown for a few glam shots before we brought in Joseph and Madelynn.

I absolutely love whites and creams for my Tulsa Maternity Pictures sessions, so delicate, ethereal and romantic. The images above, included daddy Joseph and big sis Madelynn, and were taken using natural window light (left) to bring a softness that I adore. This family is just beautiful and I love photographing them, of course Miss Madelynn usually steals the show! She is such a great mixture of her mom and dad. By dressing the family in similar colors and tones, it allows the eye to focus on the important factors in the photographs, without unnecessary distractions with random colors, patterns and styles! Plus, I keep the background in the same tones.


Our last outfit change put Candice in a ruby red strapless gown and Joseph in a plain black shirt - again no busy patterns to pull the eyes away from their faces!  As Madelynn is a busy bee most of the time, it was all we could do to get a family shot but we were all happy with the end results. I just love the middle image of her being tickled! This family have so much fun together and it shows in that image.  While I was posing Candice and Joseph, Madelynn decided to go digging in our prop area and found a mask!  She crept around her parents and posed for me without them knowing what she was up to!  Its priceless! Such a little ham!

I try to keep my Maternity Pictures sessions to a reasonable duration, not more than an hour as moms get tired and posing isn't always easy! Candice was exhausted, but does it show? Not one bit! And of course, other children don't always have the staying power either, so keep it short and simple and decide on maybe 3 outfits for mom beforehand so she can coordinate with the other family members!

Baby Katelynn is here now so standby for my next blog with her newborn photos!  

If you are expecting and would like to schedule your Tulsa Maternity Pictures with Niki Counce Photography, please give me a call at 918-313-5683 or email at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com




Tulsa Senior Picture

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I am a Tulsa Senior Picture photographer, but McKinney, Texas was the venue for a recent Senior Portrait session.  My long time friend Sue invited me down for a few days to photograph Katie, also known as Katiebug, for her 2018 Senior Pictures.  How could I refuse - after all, I have been photographing Katie since she was one! We first met when we were all stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO in the late 90's.  This military family have had many many more moves since those days but hopefully McKinney is their last stop!  But I was lucky enough to go visit them in Hawaii several years ago, so that was a big plus!!  

 As a senior portrait photographer I love the opportunity to travel out of my comfort zone of Tulsa, Oklahoma and explore some new venues, old and new, and find funky old buildings with lots of character!  So we did, and Katie pulled together some fun outfits for our shoot.

This old urban setting was just perfect for our vision of Katie in this beautiful velvet dress!  Such beauty in front of a different kind of beauty, a rustic old wooden building but with gorgeous teal hues that worked with her dress!


Can we just stop for a moment and agree that Seniors don't look like they did back in the old days! Katie is model beautiful.  Both Katie and her younger sister, Shelby have inherited their mom's wacky and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor so there was a lot of laughter and fun as we roamed around McKinney!  But when the camera came out, Katie had no problem striking a pose!  She made my job as a senior photographer very easy!  Next we went into downtown "old" McKinney.


And Katie changed! Again her outfit and choice of colors worked effortlessly with the backgrounds.  It may or may not have taken several hours to get outfits and hair and makeup all together but it was worth the wait and I managed to sneak in a nap during the process!  Hey, thats a lot of hair to curl!


With a face like this, the portrait photographer in me was delighted!  She is such a great mixture of both her mom and dad and such a natural beauty!  Her mom, Sue spotted this old American flag so kudos to her for suggesting the shot. It worked and this is one of my favorite images.  Finally no session is complete without a big smile and Katie has an amazing smile!  Katie currently has a job teaching swimming to children, but her future goal is to be a special education teacher! I know she can do whatever her heart desires!

Standby for another Tulsa Senior Picture session coming up in March hopefully, when Katie and her family come to Sand Springs and Tulsa, OK for a studio session.  Im thinking some vintage old Hollywood glamor?  I know Katie will be amazing!


If you are ready to schedule your Tulsa Senior Picture session please contact us at Niki Counce Photography, 918-313-5683 or email us at nikicouncephoto@ymail.com.


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